contoh DESCRIPTIVE TEXT tentang tokoh idola

haloo friend's..what's up?! :D i'm great now.. i just wanna post my duty in english lesson. my teacher told me to make descriptive about my idol.. and i found this in GOOGLE. don't copy it! just for refresh your brain and make something new. yeyeyelalala.. check it out >>


My idol is my mother. Her name is Leni Nugrahawati. She is a housewife. She is fortyfirst years old. She was born on Bandung, 29 August 1971. She lives at Syeh NUrjati street , Sendang, CIrebon, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. 

She is thick, slim, and not short at all. Her hair is short and straight. Her nose is sharp. Her skin is light. Her eyes are black and white. She don’t wear glasses. She is also use Daster when she's at home.
She is a kind and good mother. Her hobby is Watching and Cooking. She can make delicious food. I love it. She want make me success, a good student, a sholehah girl^^, and diligent student. 
She is a good mother. i love you mom..


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Bagus banget. salam blogger persahabatan fadlieha

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thanks you

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